3 Secrets to Increase Productivity

3 Secrets to Increase Productivity in Your Day

Time goes by, whether we make good use of it or not.
People talk about time “management” but the real key is not trying to manage your time by managing what YOU DO IN THE TIME YOU HAVE!

Here are 3 things I consider most important to getting the most out of your day.

1) Be patient with when things happen, but not lazy.

Patience and lack of organization are two different things.

Sometimes your timelines need to be flexible so you can stay in flow and do things in the best timing.

But this is not an excuse to give in to procrastination or be sloppy with your planning.

2) Write things down!

The mind is a wonderful thing but can easily get overwhelmed with too many things to remember.

It’s important to write things down for 3 reasons;

– a) Brain dump the things that are rattling around so you can get on with the most important tings of the day.

– b) Reviewing your dreams and goals is KEY to making them happen.

– c) Write down the 3 top things (or less) for your day and tackle them until you’re done. If you get distracted don’t punish yourself, that’s a waste of time – get back on the path as quick as you can!

Over time, you’ll be able to jump back on the path you want and distractions will just become little bumps in the road.

3) Learn to 80/20 your day

– This means setting priorities doing the most important things at the time of day when you’re most effective.

– Having a consistent morning ritual.
The way you start your day is the way your day will continue.

– Learn to say “NO” to all but the most important things.

– Find ways to do things once.

Instead of piling the mail on your desk, get in the habit of going through it once – throw away the junk, file what needs to be filed, put the bills in their place.

Don’t keep picking the same pile of stuff up or going through the same box of things without giving it a home.

Touch it once, and DONE!

What do you do to increase productivity?

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