4 Days Left to the Week

Ahttp://www.biz-tutor.com/productivityre you accomplishing what you want to accomplish?
Or are things lingering for weeks or even months?

How would it feel if every Friday was a day to celebrate your accomplishments?

Yesterday’s message was about making Friday a day of personal victory.

I know how frustrating it is to have something you want to do and yet, it never seems to get done or even worse, I dive into it full force for a period of time and then don’t get back to it.

The energy around it just fizzles out…..uugh!

But, it’s only Tuesday 🙂

And like Meredith says in Grey’s Anatomy;
“Any day where no one died is a good day.”

“Any day where no one died is a good day. Someone said that once. Wait, it was me. I said it. Any day you wake up and your body’s still moving is a good day. You can start over. You can forget your past mistakes. You can make a new start, live every day like it’s your last. All the crap they put on pillows and car bumpers, it’s all true. You’re alive, respect that. Not everybody is.”
– Meredith

QUIT BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF and start looking towards Friday!

Perfection is not the goal.

So yesterday we talked about thinking about sitting in your favorite spot to plan your Friday celebration.
Today you can add one more step.

There is a wide set of steps near one of the entries of our home.
It’s next to a big window so I can bathe in the sunlight even if I’m not outdoors.
You can see both the sunrise and the sunset from this window.

To me, it’s a beautiful place.

It’s off to the side of the Kitchen so I can sit and work while people mill around.
I’m out of the way enough that people don’t interrupt me (for the most part).

It is one of a few places where I can sit and write and get lost.

I call it my anchor.

These anchor points in my home can quickly bring me back to the goals I set and the dreams I dreamed while I was there.
They are a reminder of those things as I go about my day.

They are also places where I can quickly get into the flow of what I want to be doing.

How about you, do you have a favorite spot where you think and dream and make your plans?

If so, this can become an anchoring point, a reminder of your path.

Friday is only 4 days away…..

  • Who will you celebrate with?
  • What will you have accomplished?
  • How will this make your life different?
  • Where will these small changes take your life as you make them a habit in your week?

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