Are You Living your Life or Just Passing the Time?

I have often told the story about the waiter trying to deliver a hungry persons meal, that goes something like this.

Do One Thing

Imagine that four of us all went to dinner together. We spent the late after noon getting ready, picking out the perfect thing to wear and made sure our hair was “just right”. We decided to car pool so we could enjoy the extra time together on the trip to the restaurant, and the conversation was wonderful!

We laughed, told stories and listened to each other, it was a glorious ride.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were hungry, happy and ready for a full evening.

Then the waiter came to take our order, I ordered fish, another ordered chicken, you ordered salad an our 4th guest ordered steak, we are ready to eat!  

The conversation continues and out of the corner of my eye I spot the wait staff and flag them over. “You know what” I tell them, “I know I ordered fish, but a salad sounds good, as well, could you change my order please?” “Of course we can”, they said, and off to the kitchen they go to change my order.

The conversation continues and while we are still talking and laughing, the pre-meal salads arrive for the meal of chicken and steak, but since I had changed my order to a salad meal, there was not pre-meal salad to be delivered.

Since the wait staff was there at the table, I asked “I would like a little something before my meal, could I change my order?” “Of course, they said, what can I get for you?” Well”, I said, the pre-dinner salad does look good, but I ordered salad for dinner, and I’m much ore in the mood for soup now anyway!” “Please change my order to steak and then bring me the house soup before my meal”.

“I can do that, they said, but there may be a little delay with your meal.” “I understand,” I said, and off they went, back to the kitchen.

Oh, this was an enjoyable night, but I am starting to get a bit hungry.

The others have eaten their salads, and my soup has not even arrived!

Just as I receive my soup, the other three get their meals, a large beautiful salad, a yummy chicken plate and the plate of steak, oh it looks good.

In fact, the chicken looks especially good!

So since the waiter is there I ask him if there is ANY way we can change my order from steak to chicken, after all, the chicken does look really good.

“I can” he replied, “but you must realize that you are not going to be able to eat with the others, your meal has already been delayed by ordering the steak.”

“I know” I said, “But I really am enticed by the look of that plate of chicken and would like to change my order.”

“Ok,” they said” and back to the kitchen they went.

The evening and the conversation continued, and I waited for my food as everyone else enjoyed their meal. It truly was an enjoyable evening, if I had not had to wait on my food!

Soon every one had finished their meals and the evening was winding down and my meal had not arrived, I was getting worried.

My small meal consisting of a cup of soup and a little bread did not compare to the deliciousness of what the others had ordered. Where was my meal.

The rest of the table was full from their meal, and, not wanting dessert, were ready to go.

We talked and waited a little longer to flag the wait staff down one more time and ask “Where is my meal”

They apologized for the delay, but explained that the cook was not sure what to prepare. The order slip went from salad to steak to chicken and was crossed out, written over and confusing. Once they determined that the chicken meal was what you wanted it was prepared, right away.

“But now, since it is so late, would you like to take it with you, in a box?”

“I would,” I replied “but I was not at all happy with it.

And so I went home, with my meal in a box, to eat a cold meal, by myself.

I often tell this story when I am teaching about how to use Law of Attraction. But it tells the same story for making good use of your time, as well.

If you are forever changing your focus and daily switching pursuits, there is no way you can stay with something long enough to get to the end of the goal.

Like authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan teach in the book “The ONE Thing” ‘Sometimes it’s the

first thing you do. Sometimes it’s the only thing you do. But it’s always The ONE Thing that delivers extraordinary results.’

Not everything matters equally. Some things in life are WAY more important than others and demand our focus if we want to be a success. And even more importantly, when you keep “changing your order” and giving your attention to each new thing, instead of keeping a focus on your end goal. It is nearly impossible to ever get what you want.

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