Are You Moving Forward or Just Busy?


It’s hard to believe it’s already February!

How much have you gotten done today or in the last week, month or year?

It’s sometimes astonishing to look back on your life as the next year gets into full swing and realize the you are still working on the same “goals” that you were the year before.

It can be a real wake up call AND It’s completely normal (if you’re human).

We are biologically wired to avoid pain at all costs.

Since your brain does not know the difference between emotional or physical harm, it sees getting hit by a car as harmful as the possibility of someone not liking your FaceBook post.

There is no comparison when you look at it logically, but biology’s not always logical.

So how do you get past “the resistance monster” that is a part of you.  

The best habit you can develop in times of fear, is action.

But….. what if you find yourself wasting all kinds of time and avoiding taking the action you need?

What do you do?

One thing you can do is break things down into tiny pieces, and I mean tiny.

When you break things down into little, bitty tasks, that may take you only minutes to do, you can often slip right past your biological stop sign, and continue on your path.

After all, lets say you want to start writing every day. Write anything you want, on any topic, for 1 minute.

How scary is that?

It’s not.

There are no rules, no guidelines….. just start to write.

You may find yourself writing a beautiful, letter, sales page or post in the process.

The reason is, once you start, and only commit to a small thing, you go in with your resistance down.

Then, once you are “in” you just might find you want to keep going.

Step number 2, make a commitment – oh, I know, just the word “commitment” might make your resistance creep up, but I’m talking a 1 minute a day commitment.

Nothing big, just decide that before the day ends, you will do your 1 minute of eating well, exercise, writing, being nice, whatever you have decide to do.

It’s only 1 minute, but you have to do it every day.

Because the only real way to break through the fear is to create a new habit so your biology no longer sees it as “scary”.

And number 3, is to reward your self.

Pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself, put a sticker on the calendar, whatever works.

I still use a physical calendar, and one of the “rewards” I use for myself is to add a symbol to my calender.

Sometimes it’s a chain link, sometimes an arrow moving forward, once it was a smiley face.

If every day I can look at the calendar and see that the chain is unbroken, the arrows are connected and all moving forward, etc. I know I have accomplished something and I feel rewarded.

It’s simple, but it works for me. You need to find what works for you

So, how’s it feel to know your normal?

To know that it’s not you who may have missed the mark and not reached your goals, it’s your biology?

Even better, how does it feel to know you have an option, a way around what holds most people back?

If you’d like to take back control of your life and get the results you know you are capable of, I’d love to help.

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