Boost the Local Visibility of Your Business

How would you like to be seen by more customers in your local community overnight?

If I did a quick survey of local businesses asking them what their number one concern is, my guess

is that most would say a desire for more business, more customers coming through the doors and

more phone calls booking appointments.

In fact, based on a survey conducted by the marketing company Sage in January 2014 among 334

small businesses in the U.S. 57% of small businesses say that it is very important to attract new


It’s not very often that I talk to a business owner and they have more customers and clients than

they can handle.

So this week I want to cover some of the low and no cost ways that you can get more visibility for

your business, reach more people and hopefully, have more people wanting to do business with


Let’s start with a simple internet search of a local business name. I came up with more than 10

unclaimed business listings for just one business. This is a huge opportunity for exposure. If your

business isn’t taking advantage of some of these free online listings you may be sending potential

customers down the road.

In searching a single business I found more than 10 online listings in places like;

Google Plus

even a FaceBook page

Now even though this business was listed, all the listings were unclaimed. This can cause a visitor

to question if the information is credible and trustworthy.

These sights are free for the taking so why not use them to be seen by more potential customers

and clients.

The steps to claiming this online business property for yourself are on the sights themselves. Just

follow the instructions to verify your business information.

Here are a few things you want to keep in mind as you claim your listing;

Make sure your business name, physical address and phone number is consistent across every

listing. Conflicting information in your listings not only changes the online ranking of the listing it

causes your reader to question which one is correct. If they are all the same they can be sure they

are calling the right number or driving to the correct location.

You also want to add photos to your listings. Many of these sites allow you to add multiple

images. Several good quality pictures of your business storefront, inside the business and possibly

your staff can make new clients and customers confident they are in the right place when they


One more thing to remember is to fill out your profiles for your online listing as completely as you

can. Don’t leave gaps in the information. You want to provide customers with a complete picture

of what you offer.

Also, it’s a good idea to choose more specific categories for your listings rather than broad ones.

You want to choose categories that accurately describe what your business offers.

If you take the time to claim your business listings, all of a sudden you’ll be seen everywhere when

a potential customer does an internet search for your business. This builds much more trust and

credibility than findng the listings with potentially incorrect or conflicting information.

Another way to boost the local visibility of your business is your local newspaper. Having a long

running ad in your local paper builds loyalty and trust. Even a small ad, run week after week, lets

your clients and customers know you’re here to serve your community for the long term.

It also gives them a reference point to find your information when they want to tell other potential

customers about you.

Newspapers are seen as a trusted source of information and an ad in your local paper carries some

of that credibility. With all the online resources available, residents and visitors alike still use the

local paper to search for things to do or shopping deals. Your local news also gives you a presence

in your community and can associate you with a resource that works hard to maintain a positive

relationship with the people that live there.

So whether you choose to claim some of the online listings available, an ad in your local paper or

both, you can quickly become more visible to potential customers and clients.

Get started claiming your online property using these links;

To find out more about ways to work together to promote
local business go to
The American independent Business Alliance has numerous
free materials you can use to promote buying local.

Another great source of information is
This site is not only a great source of information, they are
committed to, as their slogan says,
“saving the brick and mortars our nation is built on”.

Then there is the shop small promotions by
During their promotions you can get additional exposure for your
business, find more great resources and discover
other businesses that want to make a difference.