Comparisonitis – How to Stop Looking Around

Embrace that you are unique!Do you ever look at what someone else is doing

and it causes you to question your own work?

Or worse, question your worth?
The trap of comparison is an easy one to fall into….
I was having a conversation with a future entrepreneur the other day.
She’s in college right now, but already dreams about having her own business.
Her future is definitely bright.  
If I could wish anything for her it would be…
  • That she stop looking at what other people are doing
  • That she stop comparing where she is with other people’s progress
  • And that she would realize the potential she has that is just waiting to change the world!
Before I go any further, I know, you aren’t alone in your business it’s not an island;
  • You look to other’s for guidance and inspiration
  • You learn from people who have done what you want to do
  • And we would never get as far if we didn’t have each other
  • But you are something special!
There is no one else like you – and if you
try to be a copy of someone else, we all
miss out on the greatness that ONLY YOU can offer!
Embrace that you are unique!
Get clear on how you can make an impact!
Bravely move forward doing what only you can do.
When your mind tries to compare you
with someone –  know that when you bring
all of YOU to the table – that is where you will find success.
You are enough,


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