Are you confident that what you ask for will arrive?

In other words when you set an affirmation, do your visualizations,

vision boards, prayers, etc. how confident are you that what you

just asked for will really be yours?

Faith or believing as defined in Hebrews 11:1 is evidence of something before it is seen,

that verse calls faith the “substance” of things hoped for.; “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. “

There are people that explain faith more like a wish, that you throw it out there with no evidence that what you want is going to arrive.

But if you look at the root meaning of the words used in that verse, the “substance”

comes from the Greek hupostasis (as defined in Strong’s Concordance # 5287),

an underlying confidence or assurance, giving substance or reality to, or guaranteeing. defines hupostais as a support, substance, steadiness, hence assurance.

Meaning there is a certain order to things, that they are steady, assured, when the guidelines are applied, and I find this to be true with receiving what you ask for, as well.

One of the keys to being confidently able to receive what you’ve asked for is to have a very clear image of what you are asking for, as well as being consistent in the asking.

How does this work in the practical sense?

Often what you want will start out as a vague idea, you may be more clear on what you don’t want that what you do want. But if you remain consistent with building your vision, and review it morning and evening, something powerful begins to happen.

Just like building a physical structure where you have to start with the foundation, then the structure, adding the walls and windows and doors. Then the “guts” of the building has to go in…. wires, plumbing, etc.

But once you have the structure up, you are far from done, you have the inside walls, fixtures, floors, sinks, and other necessities.

And even then, it is just a bare structure until you move in furniture, appliances, and decorate.

And so it is with making your vision a reality. As you honestly review what you want, it will become more and more clear.

Then, as that vision of what you want becomes more clear, the energy of what you’re asking for gets stronger, you’ll get more information or what to do to “finish the structure” and you’ll have the confidence to know what you just asked for will soon become your reality.

To sum it up, when you consistently ask, pray, visualize for something that is in alignment with what you truly want, and take action on that consistent asking, you can have the confidence that what you’ve asked for will soon be your reality.

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