What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Taking Action

You can’t control every emotion.

If you’re waiting to move forward with your
life and business until you “feel like it” you may be waiting a long time.

For some, they wait a lifetime.

Emotions come and go.

The actual emotion lasts a very brief time after the actual trigger.
But we tend to relive and dwell on the event over and over so that the feeling lasts much longer than the actual event.

You can change direction as quick as you can change your mind.

If you’re interested in more data, I’d encourage you to search
Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Blog “Change from the inside out”

More than a few years ago, in my early 20’s I was taught this idea in a very tactical way.

I would have these long-lived emotional “bouts” that would require me to rest or recover after.

They were not helping me in any way but they were a way I learned to respond to certain situations.

Then I was taught “You can change your mind as quick as you can change your shirt”.

I didn’t know the data behind it then, but I did know that tying my “change of mind” to a physical action worked for me.

Basically, I had distracted myself long enough to start thinking different thoughts.

And it worked!!

So if you see yourself waiting to move ahead until you “feel better” about it, you can do one of two things.

  1.  Take an action Рany action- and start moving no matter how you feel.
  2.  Focus on something that makes you feel better and then do what you need to do.

But, please, don’t let “not feeling like it” stop you from having what you want.

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