Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Missing Something?

I always wished things were easier

I guess everybody does – nobody starts out wishing it to be hard

Wishing it to be difficult
Or wishing for long hours and frustration

And yet these are parts of the life of an entrepreneur that so many people will just never tell you.

You see the stories of success, 6 or 7 figure years and it’s not that they aren’t true but there’s very rarely a person who hasn’t put it in a lot of time before their big success.

Or put in a lot of money in training and coaching and learning and then finally launch.
And yet they share their “launch” dateĀ as if it was just a few months past.

Learning this from some of my mentors was very healing to me.

I used to think that I was just completely behind. That I didn’t know what I was doing I couldn’t understand why I was making $500 months and other people are making 5, 10 and 25 thousand dollar months.

And then you hear about million dollar launches (which just seem out of reach).

So I was really hard on myself for quite a long time because I thought

  • I should know more
  • I thought I should be doing more
  • I thought I should be making more
  • I thought I should be talking to more people and serving more people

If people can launch and make $25,000 in two weeks why was I not making that after a year of blood sweat and tears?

Have you ever felt that way?

I was really really frustrated
And I really wanted to quit

In fact I did

  • I quit
  • I stopped
  • I put everything on pause and I wasn’t going to do it anymore

After all, I had a good job I was trying to build all this on the side

I was tired and I was frustrated

And I gave up

After about two weeks I just couldn’t stop thinking about my business.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what I wanted to do who I wanted to serve the people that needed my help and how I wanted my family lives to change.


And So I went back to work on my business
With a new commitment and a new resolve resolve

And I started to spend time thinking about and journaling about and creating my affirmations around what I wanted in my business.

Which I know works – but I wasn’t doing it consistently

I wasn’t feeding my mind the news reel of my up and coming life
I wasn’t crafting my new reality in my mind so that it could arriveĀ for me

I wasn’t taking the time to place myself in my own future so that I could see what was coming and so that my subconscious, God the universe could move heaven and earth to make things happen for me.

I cut that out of the equation and was trying to do it on myself.
I was trying to do it alone.

That’s a big reason why I was frustrated

  • It was why I was so downtrodden
  • Why I was ready to give up
  • And why everything felt so difficult

And the solution was to was NOT to work harder

But to rebuild my dream

  • in my mind
  • on paper
  • on my vision board
  • in my special box of dreams
  • taped to the wall
  • stuck on the mirror

So that everywhere I could see the future I was building for myself and be reminded that the reality around me is not the best part of me.

That More was coming

  • So I encourage you today to write about your dream
  • Draw your dreams
  • Post them on your wall
  • Create a song and sing about them
  • Build a video with images and sounds and songs and words telling you where your future is.

And then watch things move in this incredible way.

I’d love to know what you do to inspire yourself to your new future.

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