I Felt Guilty That This Was So Easy

I have a confession to make. 

One of the BIG things that held me back for so long was the concern that what I offer is so easy for me.
It’s natural, a part of me, it’s what has worked in my life and I know it will work for you too.

But I started to have these pangs of guilt.

  • That I should be working harder
  • That it should be more difficult
  • That I can’t possibly be earning my keep
Have you ever felt that way?

Now, I’m not opposed to hard work or even long hours, when needed.
I get great enjoyment out of work and I think it’s one of the ways people can thrive.
When you have honest, meaningful work that you love to do, it makes your heart sing.
But somewhere along the way, I got the idea that if it were too easy I was doing something wrong.
You may have heard my “guilt” story – when I sat in a puddle of tears, allowing myself to feel the guilt and let it dissipate.


It’s an exercise I’ve taken clients through with remarkable results.
Suddenly, that strong emotion is no longer there to hold you back!
A big part of the guilt I was feeling stemmed from thinking I was not doing enough.
But the truth is… when you are bringing yourself to the world,
with your unique offer and abilities, it should NOT be a struggle!
It’s you, being you, bring the best of you to those you can help the most.
It’s wonderful!
But if you feel like something might be holding you back, here are a few questions to ask yourself.
Are you doing what you really want to be doing or are you doing what someone expects of you?
If you find that question difficult to answer
(after all, sometimes it’s easier to know what we don’t
want then what we want) then try this fun exercise…
Put together a collage of images that show what people
in your life, past and present, who did they want you to be?
For example, did your grandmother expect you to be dainty but your father expect you to work hard?
Did your mother expect you to be quiet and out of the way but someone else in your life want you to speak up?
When you look back on your life, you’re likely to see some impossible contradictions.
There is no way you can be everything that is expected of you
and these expectations linger in the back of your mind, often
weighing you down with guilt that you don’t consciously know is there.
My collage ended up being a blend of wonder woman and a buttoned-up executive in an uncomfortable suit.
Neither of which were truly “me”.
What do you see in your image?
If you’re ready to start reaching your goals despite all your imperfection, take a look at this.

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