Announcing the Goal Jumpstart
for Overwhelmed and
Time Crunched Female Entrepreneurs!

From: Julia Rot’gers

To: Serious Female Entrepreneurs:

Have you ever thought – “I am not having the success I
could have and I’m tired of doing this by all by myself!”

Or have you ever felt the Loneliness
and isolation, of not being connected to other entrepreneurs?

I’ve been there… you could even say I had a fear of
having so much to do all on my own and not knowing what to do next.

So I am convinced that;

One of the things that really allows you to go to the
next level is having another person around to bounce ideas off of and support you.

Along with a CLEAR PLAN so you know that what you are
doing EVERY DAY is aligned with your vision.

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There are so many moving parts in your business,
that having another pair of eyes, maybe even another
person to share some of the tasks, can take you to the next level even faster.

Just having another person around to keep you
on track, how valuable would that be to you?

Are you someone who is easily distracted?

Having other people to help keep you on the
right path can be priceless, in the growth of your business.

If you ask me, being in a supportive environment
accelerates your business, a “safe space” where you feel like
you have someone else as a part of the process.

Other business owners will see things that you miss,
they help keep your energy up when things get tough.

And really, what would it be like to work together with a
group of people who are on the same path, who all have
a vision for their life and business?

One thing I hear over and over again is that having
a step by step plan, to know where to go and what to do,
every day will make a HUGE difference.

It might be THE difference between things falling flat and
making your dreams and goals a living breathing reality!

Here’s the thing, you’re smart, I know that, you’re intelligent,
strong, mentally tough and you’ve come a long way.

I’m sure you probably know the steps you need
to take to accomplish what you want.

But let’s be honest, you haven’t done it yet
and sometimes even you, wonder why.

It’s not that you need to learn more,
it’s that you need to DO more.

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From what I see and hear there are a couple of things
that are derailing you from reaching your dream.

#1 You have a tough time staying focused.

The time you spend ‘marketing’ in FaceBook turns into hours
of liking and commenting, but, not making any real connections.

And since things aren’t happening as fast as you think they should,
you jump from one thing to the next, trying to gain some traction.

#2 It’s tough to do this thing alone.

Your family does NOT understand,
your spouse may or may not support you,
but ‘support’ kind of looks like staying out of your way,
it’s not real help.

They look at you glassy eyed when you want to review
a piece of sales copy or see what they think of your newest funnel.

You just want someone to understand!

And then #3 maybe the biggest thing of all, you need structure and accountability.

As much as you want freedom and control of your own life,
you know that, left on your own, you’re not getting a lot done.

You need someone who cares whether or not you stay on track.
To bounce ideas off of.

Someone who is there to succeed and do the work, just like you are.

They are serious, dedicated and want to
reach a big goal, as quick as possible, just like YOU.

So they will be the best support, your biggest cheerleader
and know how you feel because they are in the same boat!

How would that feel to have a place to go like that?

For me…. It feels like Home.

Smack dab in the middle of Serious Female Entrepreneurs, there is no better place to be!

Amongst women who expect you to report on your progress
Who are going to help you figure things out when you get stuck
And will be there to celebrate your wins with you, big or small.

To get you on a “success roll” so can align your energy with your goals and
know how to create a daily, weekly and monthly plan so you’re never wandering.

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It’s time to move yourself forward!

I’m not talking about doing it all at once and plunging into overwhelm.

You’ll need to break things down into manageable steps,
preferable daily steps so you know EVERY DAY
what needs to be done to take you to the next level.

PLUS you need the dreams, the vision and the inspiration

When you combine it with the process, the steps it activates both parts.


There’s 2 sides to activating any dream and making it a reality.

You don’t want to limit it to where you are not taking
any steps because you don’t have clear action steps to take you where you’re going.


But at the same time, you don’t want to be so rigid to your plan that you’re figuring it all out yourself and not allowing the miracles, not allowing the expansion, not allowing the bigger energy to work and help you accomplish your goal.


It’s a combination of the two.

1) Allowing for the unexpected and bigger result than you could ever figure out for your self

2) AND having daily steps to keep you on track.

This is how you activate your dream and move it from
something you think about to something that changes your life!

I’m looking forward to working with you soon.