If You Could Make Real Change In Your Life  Would You Do It?

Have you set goals only to discover those old "tried and true" methods don't work for you?

  • Are you frustrated with the amount of effort you put in for so little return?
  • Do you ever get angry when you realize you've done a lot, but are basically still in the same place you were a year ago?
  • Does it bother you that you're not making enough progress to build momentum, so you feel like you're starting from the beginning - over and over again?

A Personal Letter to You:

From the desk of Julia Rot'gers. Goal Achievement Mentor.

If you are determined to find the secret to becoming a Goal Achiever instead of just a goal setter, you are in the right place!

How Would It Feel To Have A Personal System That Allows You to Reach One Goal After Another?

Are you frustrated and feel like you’re always starting over?

Do you question if you’re doing the right thing?

Believe me, you’re not alone!

There was a time I secretly thought I’d always be behind and never catch up.

So let me ask you.....​

How many things have you tried and yet they just don’t seem to be working for you?

 There was a time I could completely relate to that quote from “Pursuit of Happyness”

Where Will Smith’character talks about;

“A constant disappointment in my ten-gallon head... 

Because when I was young... ...and I'd get an 'A' on a history test or whatever... ...I'd get this good feeling about all the things that I could be.

And then I never became any of them.”

I could relate because, at the time, I was a great goal SETTER but reaching my goal seemed, well just "out of reach" so I became determined to be a great goal ACHIEVER and figure out HOW to reach my goals!

That’s why I call myself a Time Abundance

Coach/Goal Achievement Mentor.

I can teach and coach you on the tools of abundance and,

no doubt, they can change your life.

But I’m also willing to get in there with you to help you achieve your goals.

Because if you are setting goals for yourself now and not

seeing success, something’s missing.

Once you figure out what that is, you can reach your goals

over and over again.

I was always tired of being behind the 8 ball –

You know, like in a game of pool, it’s not the best place to be.

Shots are difficult and many of the moves you make from this position are ineffective.

So - I decided I wanted to be “on” the ball!

This led to a lot of self-reflection and soul searching.

I had drawn a line in the sand and didn’t want to go back…..

...but I didn’t really know how to go forward either.

So I studied a lot of things and one thing that consistently made me feel successful was the ability to set a goal and reach it.

On the other hand, one of the biggest things that made me feel like a failure was making promises to myself, and not carrying them through.

You know.

New Year’s resolutions, birthday wishes, goals I’d map out on my calendar over and over again but I'd never get past a few days or sometimes hours of going for what I wanted.

How would it feel to make steady progress towards your goal?

Goal Rocket will give you a system.

Are you frustrated that you’re always starting over?

Do you question if you’re doing the right thing?

I was there too, until several months ago.

There was this “download moment” (actually, it went in for more than a day). As I went about doing what I would do on any normal day I kept getting insight on how all I had learned came together in a complete system. I carried a notebook around so I would be sure to capture every idea. And by the end of about a day and a half, the Goal Rocket steps came together for me with more clarity than I had ever seen before!

These steps made it clear to me that I wasn’t reaching my goals, intentions, desires or making my affirmations a reality because I was not giving them enough fuel to get them off the ground!

For a rocket to break away from earth’s gravity takes a tremendous amount of fuel.

If there’s not enough, you’ll see lots of exhaust and steam, but the rocket will never launch.

You’ll never break free from where you are now.

What would it feel like to know you could plug in any goal and get a predictable result?

Imagine if you had complete confidence in your next step.

How Would It Feel To Cut through The Confusion and Have Clear Steps To Reach Any Goal?

Welcome to "Goal Rocket"!

 Are YOU Ready to see if Goal Rocket Will Work For You?

    • Goal Rocket is…..

      • It’s a little bit mindset
      • A little bit strategy
      • A lot of getting honest about what you want and what it takes to get there.
      • Even if you're not super organized and are easily distracted

Goal Rocket is not traditional goal setting – but it will work perfectly alongside any goal or plan you design.

The steps you’ll learn will help you believe you can reach any goal.

Believing you can achieve is the FIRST step towards getting anything you want.

  “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill 

 So, if You Have Tried Many Things To Reach Your Goals (like I had)

  • Traditional SMART Goals
  • Meditation
  • Subliminal suggestion
  • Binaural beats
  • Positive visual reinforcement
  • Vision and dream boards
  • Dream boxes
  • Subconscious scripting
  • EFT
  • Getting into a “flow state”
  • Plus many more I've tried and don’t remember the names of

But are still not making your goals and dreams a living breathing reality…

It's not your fault, I tried them all too!

I was frustrated, defeated and ready to give up.

I often felt like my life was routing me in one big circle.

Just when I though I was making progress, I'd land right back where I started.​

All the books, training and SMART ways to reach goals just weren't working for me.​

But then things started to change.​

It’s time to use Goal Rocket to get your goal off the ground!

Get clear on what you really want. 

Shortcut Manifestation to get what you want in record time.

Rinse and Repeat to achieve your dreams over and over again.

Think About This With Me...

  • In 10 short Days 
    You can have a complete step-by-step formula to reach your goal.
    • And not just one goal!
      You can plug ANY goal into the Goal Rocket steps and reach your goals, over and over again. Each day will get you closer and instead of standing still or spinning your wheels, you’ll make steady progress.
  • A few weeks from now you could be looking at your life from a whole different place!
    Each segment is delivered in bite sized pieces. They are delivered to you daily so you can implement one small step every day and never get behind.
  • Plus, you’ll have access to the steps forever so you can kind-of “plug-and-play” for each new goal

Introducing The Brand New:


To review what you’ll receive in the Goal rocket e-course;

  • It's delivered via email in daily bite sized pieces.
  • Trainings come in a combination of text, PDF’s, video and audio.
  • You’ll learn the most natural steps to get clarity around what you really want.
  • You’ll discover tools and “games” that make it easy to see yourself as having already achieved your goal.
  • You'll be activating Law of Attraction, multiplying your personal effort.
  • Maybe for the first time, you’ll design your goal completely around what truly matters to YOU – no matter what anyone else thinks you should do or have.

There is a secret to reaching your goals, but it’s not what most people teach, even though there are hundreds of “Reach your Goal” type programs out there.

You've never seen a program quite like this - a brand new way to jump-start your goals.​

Do you really want to go back to the feeling of overwhelm and confusion,

wondering why you are doing so much but still not making progress?

It's time for a fresh start!​

Invest in yourself and your future goals now and your life will never be the same again. Guaranteed.