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Julia Rot'gers

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    Are you a female entrepreneur looking for a way to make a real difference doing what you love?

    Are you worried about having to work so hard and would like to add more income without adding more work?

    Do you know you have great training to offer and a passion to share that training with the world but for some reason or another you haven’t put it all together?

    If you answered YES to any of those questions, then I've got something just for you.

    This is your invitation - Passion To Passive Income Training Program.

    I'm sure you’re going to love this training as I reveal step-by-step how to take what you love,

    what you're probably already doing and turn it into passive income products.

    A brand new way to take what you do once and have it pay you over and over again.

    • This is for you if KNOW you have a message that can make a real difference - but tried other programs that just have not worked for you.
    • Do you have a burning desire to take the message to the world but are limited by the amount of time you have? (Don't you wish you just had the shortcut?)
    • It's time to try something new!

    Here's how you can tell Passion to Passive Income is for you -

    You're ready to have a real business that goes beyond the limits of your personal time.

    You're good at what you do and have knowledge that can change people’s lives but you're not sure how to leverage that knowledge so that others can have the benefit of your passion and skill.

    Do you ever find yourself helping people for free?

    That’s a good sign that you love what you do and love helping people.

    So... how would it feel to have those “coaching interactions” even f they are informal, become the basis for future products.

    Products that can be added to your funnel or product line and once they're done, they're done.

    No more trading dollars for hours.

    Instead you create it once and it can pay you over and over again.

    What would it feel like to have a system in place that takes almost everything you do and turns it into future products?
    This is what one of my clients, Patricia did for herself. She took what she was doing for free and created a system out of it for her future clients.
    Now she has worksheets, recordings, schedules and all the steps she needs to not only have a “hands off” coaching experience but a product.
    And it’s all created from work she was doing anyway.

    I know you're smart, that you have a lot to offer and yet for some reason you feel like you're not ready.

    • This will still work for you.
    • It will get you prepared.
    • You’ll see how much you already know and how easily that knowledge can be leveraged into a product.
    • You know you have great stuff but worry that you might not be able get anyone to buy.

    I want to let you in on my secret.

    Everything I do has a dual purpose.

    Everything I write

    Everything I record

    Every video I create

    Every blog post

    Every Facebook post

    Everything I do does “double duty” for me so the work I do once has the potential to pay me many times over.

    You don't have to do things perfectly the first time or be super-efficient.
    All you need is a plan.
    This audio series will give you those steps.

    I've got great news.

    You don’t have to figure it out or already know how to create passive income products from nearly everything you do.

    You also don’t have to wait to apply this “advanced tactic” to your business.

    You can get the steps you need, right now!

    (If I had prepared this for you, like I’ve done for some of my clients, this six weeks of training would have cost you $397.)

    Plus, I’m going to give you a special invitation join me on a small group coaching call, weekly motivation and resistance breakthrough for 4 weeks normally a $297 value.

    So, the total value of this offer is nearly $700.

    However, I’ve produced this in such a way that I’ve been able to make this available to multiple people therefore I don’t need to charge $700 for everyone.

    I’ve learned to leverage my time, and you will too.

    So, what I’ve decided to do is give you an incredible price break on this, just because I want to give you the opportunity to become a client of mine so you can see how well the material is delivered and how much it can help you reach your goals, break through resistance and leverage the knowledge you already have to produce passive income products.

    And honestly, my expectation is that after you get a taste - you’ll probably want to do some more personal coaching with me down the road.

    So in that spirit, I’m slashing the price from $397 to $97 plus a BONUS month of coaching with me ($297 value) at no additional cost.

    What you know has the power to change lives and make you a great income.

    Do what you do best, what you're passionate about.

    Give people the knowledge they need from you and turn your great ideas to a real business!

    I wish I had understood this so clearly when I first started.

    It would have saved me years of wasted time!

    So, here’s what you'll learn in Passion to Passive Income training!

    Right off the bat we are going to make sure you are doing what you love!

    • · What do you really want your life to look like?
    • · Who do you want to serve?
    • · How do you want to live?
    • · What will always be important to you?

    · It's time to get absolutely clear on the foundation of anything your build – it's all built around you!

    · You might call it alignment or clarity – either way is must be the foundation of anything you build in your business to be able to design an income around a life you love!

    As a Profiting from You Passions trained Coach, I know this is one of the most important steps!

    Next, you'll learn how to deeply connect with your dream client. Wouldn’t you like to know how to write and speak to your audience so that it draws your best client to you? In this segment you’ll learn how you can understand your dream client so that you can begin to craft you messaging in a way that makes them say “yes” to your offer.

    (Clients have told me that learning to write in a way that connects is one of the most exciting skills they’ve learned from me.)

    Why are you selling what you're selling? Do you know how to reach your dream client or customer? You will in this segment.

    If you’ve worked through lesson 1 to 3, you'll be up and running by session four so in this session you'll dig into ways to get people results.

    Then, get your product in front of a bigger audience! – People need what you have and they want to buy your stuff – you've just got to get it in front of them! This segment includes ways you can get in front of your ideal client, at no cost.

    It's so exciting to help people meet their needs with your product. – In this final segment, it's time to stop letting things stop you from moving forward!

    You'll learn to make sales of your new product in a genuine, heartfelt way.

    Where you're meeting people's needs by selling them something that can really make a change in their life.

    I'll make this promise to you.

    If you do the work over 6 weeks and put the steps into action, you will absolutely have the tools you need to begin building a passive income stream from your passion – the thing that comes easiest for YOU!

    If you’re ready to add a passive income stream to your business without adding more work PLUS join me in 4 free weeks of group coaching – say “Yes!” - accept your invitation, here.   Or Click the button below.