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If YOU are Ready to Finally Reach Your Goals

in a way that works despite being “less than organized”

and if you find yourself jumping from one thing to

another because you’re easily distracted

…..this could be life changing for you.

From: Julia Rot’gers

To: Serious Female Entrepreneurs: 

Have you ever thought

I am so tired of doing this all by myself”

Or have you ever felt the Loneliness and isolation,

of not being connected to other people who

understand your day to day entrepreneurial struggles?


But, still, you want to reach your goals!

I’ve been there…  for a long time, I struggled with

having to do so much on my own and feeling like

no one understood what I was going through.


So I am convinced that;


One of the things that really allows you to go to the

next level is having another person around 

to bounce ideas off of and support you.


3 Weeks at $10/ week, then Payment Options

Training is great, we all need to be learning, but….

There are so many moving parts in your business,

that having another pair of eyes, maybe even another person

to share some of the tasks, can take you to the next level even faster.

Just having someone around to keep you

on track towards your goals, how valuable would that be to you?


Do you find yourself not getting things done

even when you have blocked out time to work on your business?


Having other people to help keep you on the

right path can be priceless, in the growth of your business.


If you ask me, being in a supportive environment accelerates

your business, a “safe space” where everyone feels like they are a part of the process.


Other business owners will see things that you miss,

they help keep your energy up when things get tough.


And really, what would it be like to work together

with a group of people who are on the same path, 

who all have a vision for their life and business?


To make connections with other women for support in your

business, potential partnerships and mutual promotions.


One thing I hear over and over again is that having a

group of women, working together makes a HUGE difference.

It might be THE difference between things falling flat

and making your dreams and goals a living breathing reality!


Here’s the thing, you’re smart, I know that, you’re intelligent,

strong, mentally tough and you’ve come a long way.


I’m sure you probably know the steps you

need to take to accomplish what you want.


But let’s be honest,

you haven’t done it yet and sometimes even you, wonder why.


It’s not that you need to learn more,

you need to DO more.


From what I see and hear there are a couple of things

that are derailing you from reaching your dream.


#1  You have a tough time staying focused.

The time you spend ‘marketing’ in

FaceBook turns into hours

of liking and commenting but,

not making any real connections.


And since things aren’t happening as fast

as you think they should, you jump from

one thing to the next, trying to gain some traction.


#2 It’s tough to do this thing alone.

Your family does NOT understand,

your spouse may or may not support you,

but ‘support’ kind of looks like staying out

of your way, it’s not real help.


They look at you glassy eyed when you want to review a

piece of sales copy or see what they think of your newest funnel.


You just want someone to understand!


And then #3 maybe the biggest thing of all,

you need structure and accountability.


As much as you want freedom and control of your own life,

you know that left on your own, you’re not getting a lot done.


There is a reason you get things done in school or at work.
Someone is requiring you get things done by a certain time.


Your business works the same way – you’ll

reach your goals much faster

when someone is looking for your to produce results.


You need someone who cares

whether or not you stay on track.


To bounce ideas off of that are there to

succeed and do the work, just like you are.

Someone who wants you to reach your big goal.


Who will be your biggest cheerleader someone

who knows how you feel because they are in the same boat!


3 Weeks at $10/ week, then Payment Options

How would that feel to have a place to go like that?

For me…. It feels like Home.

Smack dab in the middle of Serious Female

Entrepreneurs, there is no better place to be!


Amongst women who expect you to report on your progress

on your progress who are going to help you

figure things out when you get stuck…

And will be there to celebrate your wins with you, big or small.


Because small wins breed big successes,

and that’s what this is all about.


How to get on a “success roll” so that you know

how to create a daily, weekly and 

monthly plan so you’re never wandering.


Someone who will call you out,

in a nice way, when things don’t get done.


To get you to take 100% responsibility for your results

so you can get everything you ever dreamed of!


This has given me a level of productivity

that I don’t see in many people.


I can also show you how to

reach your goals, over and over again,

to go from one level of success

to another, in your life and business.


(I’ve paid MUCH more for help with

my business, reaching my goals

and learning how to align my

energy with the way I use my time.)


How would you like to work together

with a group of like-minded people,

who can cheer you on, hold you accountable

even become be future partners?


Working together, supporting each other

and promoting each other.

In fact, this is how my first coaching program began.

The leader of a course I was taking, put several

of us together to go through the material.


Of the group of nine, 5 became my clients.

When you are working together with a group of women that

are all moving in the same direction, the potential

to collaborate is huge (just something to think about).


So I hope you’re beginning to see 

that group accountability

and having people who care

whether or not you stay on track

to stay motivated is a big part of the value.


And there is much, much more!

You’ll learn how to create this type of environment for yourself

starting with the Goal Rocket MasterClass series.


Instead of being something you will reach

“sometime” in the future,

you’ll know how to have a clear step-by-step

plan and the time to reach your goals!


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I want you to be able to develop your own 

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Join us now, I’m excited to be working with you

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Your Success is Important to me,
 Time Abundance Coach/Goal Achievement Mentor
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