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Use this checklist of ideas and questions to discover how you can best reach your goals

in the shortest amount of time.

  • What would you say your goal-setting tendencies are?

  • I am excited about setting new goals… but I become easily distracted—and discouraged
  • My stomach knots up into a dismal little lump of cold gravy when I try to set a goal. I usually end up putting it off till later.
  • I have iron self-discipline. I set goals, and although it’s not easy for me to keep walking the straight and narrow towards them, I keep my eyes on the reward
  • I accept the fact that mini-goals and steps are the building blocks of belief. The more small goals I successfully fulfill, the more easily I will be able to believe-and-achieve my “big” goals.
    • These small successes are the proof I can do anything I set my mind to.
  • I am allowing for flexibility in my planning, while keeping in mind the end result
  • With each step or mini-goal, I am digging deeper until I find the most natural and easy way for me to accomplish these
  • I am not wasting time on tasks that are too difficult or contain too big a learning curve. Instead I am bending my energies towards finding creative ways to get them accomplished—such as:
  • Outsourcing
  • Finding software or apps to assist me
  • Changing my tactics
  • Re-evaluating their necessity
  • Other ________________________________________



  • I have brainstormed through daydreaming “what if” scenarios, to free my mind from the shackles of present limitations

  • I have identified at least three top goals for my business over the next year




  • My dream lifestyle looks like:




  • Ten steps I need to take to make it happen are:
  1. _____________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________________
  4. _____________________________________________________
  5. _____________________________________________________
  6. _____________________________________________________
  7. _____________________________________________________
  8. _____________________________________________________
  9. _____________________________________________________
  10. _____________________________________________________


  • I need to earn $_____________ per year to achieve my main goal(s)
  • I need to earn $_____________ per month to end up at the previous figure
  • The most important change I need to make to my life is:


  • Three things I can drop from my business days right now are:




  • I am working on being fully present in the moment
  • I am catching myself whenever I use a glib phrase or cliché when brainstorming or planning my goals, and digger deeper for what I actually mean – I want to get to the heart of what I REALLY want.
  • I can put myself more in the moment and less on auto-pilot by:






  • I have made a vision board or vision journal
  • I have decided whether or not to outsource any steps to my goal
  • I have found the right contractor(s) or help to accomplish my goal.
  • I have set up a communication system, with roles assigned clearly
  • I have ensured that every step or mini-goal I have brainstormed directly advances my main goal and mission
  • My end goal is specific, with a start and end date, to achieve a clear purpose
  • Start date: __/__/20__
  • End date: __/__/20__
  • I have formalized a:
  • Plan
  • Calendar
  • Schedule
  • Other________________________________________
  • Dates I have set are based on solid research, time calculation and planning—not pulled arbitrarily out of thin air


  • I have set up a plan for accountability by setting up one or more of the following:
  • Getting a coach
  • Finding an accountability partner
  • Joining a focused group in alignment with my specific goal


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  • What works best for me is:
    • Starting off with easy tasks
    • Tackling the most important task first
  • I have visualized success and decided what that success is for me
  • I have ensured I am not settling for too modest a big business goal because of factors like insecurity
  • I am aware of conditions I have been putting on myself that may be stopping me from reaching my goals
  • I understand that success should never be based on external criteria, but on a value-driven lifestyle.
  • I understand that I need to be happy within myself right now to enjoy success to the maximum
  • I am sure that my goals are mine and that I am not fulfilling someone else’s “voice” and priorities
  • I am adjusting my goals to bring fun and fulfillment to my business even if life is forcing me to make more income than my current comfort level
  • I am taking steps to prevent burn-out. I am committed to remembering that my business goal should ultimately make me feel alive again and bring fun and satisfaction, as well as material rewards
  • I have determined what I want people to remember about me and my business
  • I have analyzed what worked for me last year and I am committed to incorporating more of it into my goal-setting and plans
  • I am scrapping—or changing—what didn’t work last year
  • I am taking time to reward myself and enjoy every success, big or small
  • I have created a reward logbook. For each step, mini-goal or goal, it notes:
        • The goal I want to reach
        • The date I want to reach it by
        • The reward I plan to enjoy
  • I am using tools, apps and resources to help me keep deadlines
  • I am challenging my assumptions
  • I am digging deeper and doing my best to choose dynamic, exciting goals I can commit to
  • My big goal is not leaving me with negative feelings. It is inspiring me and making my life feel like a fun adventure again.

Thanks for letting me help you reach your goals!

Remember……Your Success is Important to me,

Coach Julia

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