From Goal to Success

How to overcome your personal

resistance and fear that keeps you

from growing your business.

Lesson 3 - How to not worry about missing out

...or... "what happens if I'm not able to do it all?"

This week's lesson is all about getting over that fear of missing out.

As an entrepreneur, you are more than likely an idea person. 

Sometimes you have so many ideas in a day you wonder where to put them all, right?

There are notebooks full of outlines and sketches.

Plans for new funnels and grand launches.

Some of them happen and some of them don't - you have to be ok with that.

But what if you would really like to know if this new idea would be the one?

How are you ever going to know if you don't try it out?

But then again, how are you going to stay consistent and focused on your business if you keep jumping from one thing to another?

That's what this lesson is about.

This weeks training is broken down into 5 sub-sections.

I encourage you to take one segment a day for 5 days, rather than try to review everything in a single day.

Even thought the lessons are short, they are powerful.

Take the time to think about how you will implement the new learning into your life.​

Each day will give you a new tool for your tool belt so you can become more aware of what is slowing you down and give you new ways to handle the distractions and resistance that come your way every day.

Section 1 -Try it on for size - become who you want to be for 24 hours.

The first part of this audio is quiet, but important - I was trying to be quiet and not scare the birds :-)

Listen to the audio, here.

Section 2 - Commit for 30 days

Listen to Section 1 and then choose one small thing that will move you toward your goal and commit to do it every day.

If you like a visual reminder of your accomplishments,​

you can download a printable "Don't Break the Chain" Calendar, here.

You can accomplish many things in 30 days doing one small thing at a time, consistently.

​Plus as you develop the habit of moving closer to your goal, you'll be overcoming your personal resistance at the same time.

Section 3 -How to take control of your time when you like to do so many things

As an entrepreneur you have so many opportunities to use your talents your strengths, long suits and your varied interests. 

But how do you keep them from being a continual distraction or (even worse) making you feel like there are so many things in life you'll never be able to do?

Listen to today's lesson.

Section 4 - Be honest with yourself about what you really want

Section 5 - Additional Reference links and articles;

More isn't necessarily better  - 1 

More isn't necessarily better  - 2 ​

RescueTime - helps you understand the habits that make you productive

Reclaim your time in 7 days​

From Goal to Success - 5 Lesson Index;

​1 - Understanding fear, where it come from and when it's useful.

2 - Celebrate what has given you strength.

3 - How to not worry about missing out or not being able to do it all. (Current lesson)

4 - Freedom's Double Edged Sword - It's your business, but it's not a fairy tale - how to stay motivated when the real work kicks in.

5 - I've lost before and I'm afraid to try again, how do I get past that?!?​

Unannounced Bonus Lesson​