Growing yourself is essential to growing your business.

Growing yourself is essential to growing your business. 

Whether you think of yourself as self employed, a solo-preneur or an empire builder, I believe that where your business goes depends on your personal growth.
I’ve seen it time and time again. In my own life and in others.

Personal growth is intentional. While you might stumble upon someone or something that changes your life, the reason you changed is because you did something different.

That person, that teaching that you just happened upon gave you something that made you want to change.

To continue to grow in life, self-growth needs to be intentional.

You need to see out opportunities to learn and then commit to apply that learning to your life.

This can be in the form of books, courses, mentors, coaches, articles, film, audio, video… there’s no end to the great learning material out there.

But there will be no growth in you (and as a result growth in your business) if there’s not an application of the learning.
Personal growth implies that it’s not just a learning process. Growth takes 2 main ingredients;

Repetition and time.
A cursory reading of a new growth idea or tool will not improve things in your life.

It will stay in your head, as a good idea, but nothing in your life will change.

It’s important to give things enough time to change you. After all, that’s the essence of personal development/self-growth, that you come out the other side… changed.

Not more knowledgeable but smarter, in the sense that you took the idea and know how to apply it in your life.

Always be looking for not only what to learn to improve but how to apply what you’re learning.

Review books audios and trainings you already own.

If you haven’t listened to them at least 7 times, I would be willing to bet there is a life-changing golden nugget that you’ve missed.

The principles of personal growth have not changed because human nature hasn’t changed.

You don’t need to jump out there and find the next guru to learn from.

But when you find someone, or their words that inspire you.

Listen with the intention to apply the new learning.

So why does growing yourself lead to business growth?

As much as we want to believe that our business success depends on the next tool, trick or system we implement, those business growth tools pale in comparison to the way we change ourselves “in” our business.

Who we become is the driving force behind how our business grows.

Jim Rohn said “To have more than you’ve got, become more than you are.”

I’ve said for years “self development is the greatest business growth tool I know”. And the reverse is true if you allow it to be – “growing your business can be the greatest self-development tool you have”.

Because if you commit to doing what it takes to grow your business you will absolutely need to learn to grow yourself.

It’s not that I don’t have the fears, roadblocks and potential pitfalls that other entrepreneurs have.

It’s that I’ve gathered, developed and implemented a toolbelt of tools to keep moving forward despite them.

Determined to grow your business and in the process, you’ll grow yourself.

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