Have You Mapped Out Your Business?

Have you thought through the systems in your business?




Something I hear often from female entrepreneurs is;

  • They don’t have enough time.
  • They feel like they are wasting time.
  • Or they are simply overwhelmed

One simple way to feel more in control of

what needs to be done day to day in your businesses

is to map out your processes.  


This reduces the overwhelm and gives you clear steps to follow.


Sit down one morning with a pad of paper and

a pen in hand and thing through all the steps and

potential steps your client or customer could take.


You can also do this with a favorite software or

mind-map program, but I prefer pen and paper so

my thoughts can flow uninterrupted onto the paper.


Then ask yourself questions about your business, in

today’s example, we’ll use the process for a new coaching client.


How will they find out about you?

Networking? Direct outreach? Referral?

Advertising? An internet search or Social Media?


Once you’ve thought through how they will find you,

where do you want them to go? Will they all follow the

same basic path or will you Networking clients skip a

step because you’ve already connected in person?


Now that they are in your pipeline, how will you keep in touch with them?


You can use email, regular mail, the telephone, etc. which brings up another question;

Do you want them all to opt into an email sequence?


Then, what do you do when they say “yes” to your offer?

Do they need to fill out forms and return them to you?


Are there pre and post session forms? How will they be delivered?


What if they say “no”, do you have a follow-up process?

Will you give them a call or send them an email?


What will remind you to do what you need to do?


It doesn’t matter whether you use a paper calendar

and a file box full of 3×5 cards or the most sophisticated

software to do the job, systems allow you to know the path

potential clients and customers will take and

gives you a way to teach others to do what you do.


So you can have more freedom.


When we sold our business of 20 years I took the time

to document every process we used, from working with vendors,

ordering equipment and supplies, customer service and follow-up,

and day to day activities.


This allowed someone who was new to

the business to walk in and take over.


That’s the power of systems.


The systems in your business is what makes it a business.

If you don’t have a process in place that can duplicated or

a way to teach someone what you do, then you are bound to

create a j.o.b. for yourself.


Mapped out systems give you the confidence and ability

to pass what you do onto someone else so that

YOU can do more of what you love.


Next, we’ll look at how to take this map and create a day

to day action plan that gets you where you want to go in your business.



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