Having it All

As women Entrepreneurs, we are told over and over again that if we just knew how, we could have it all!

What does that really mean???

How can someone else know what having it all means to me??

These are questions I asked myself and, I don’t think any one person “has it all” – you have to do what’s really true to YOU to make your life amazing!

There are a few, let’s call them character traits, that I consider “must have” in order to take advantage of the opportunities that life will put in front of you.

1) You’ve got to be able to bounce back.

There will be times things won’t work out the way you planned and you’ve got to be able to get back up and keep Moving Forward.

2) You’ve got to be honest enough with yourself to go after what YOU want.

You can’t live someone else’s dream and have an amazing life, it’s just not possible.

Give yourself permission to live your own dream.

3) Sometimes you’ll need to shift gears or change direction.

If you’re not willing to let go of something that’s “good” for something that’s “great” you’ll spin your wheels for WAY too long.

Let go of what’s not working, forgive yourself for those things you never got done, start over with new resolve and do what you need to do to make your life amazing according to You!

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