Getting Honest With Yourself

Live Your Life Unmasked

Live Your Life Unmasked

Are you honest about what you really want in life for yourself?

Being able to receive exactly what you want starts with being honest with yourself, it starts with looking at the what’s going on in your life and acknowledging that you put yourself there.

That, for the most part, you went voluntarily.

Are your prayers and vision boards filled with things that someone else wants for you?

Are you reaching for goals that you “should” have or something that’s expected of you but you’ve never really wanted?  

I used to hate to be asked questions like “What do you really want?” because I never would let myself go “there”. After all, I was where I was for a reason, and I was very conscious of making the decisions I made along the way. I went freely, I wasn’t dragged, kicking-and-screaming.

Yet sometimes I look up and ask…….. How did I end up, here?

In my life, it’s for one reason, I wasn’t listening to my inner guidance, I wasn’t tapping into what truly makes me happy, the place I have the most bliss, or where I am able to contribute the most.

Letting someone else in on who you really are, is both scary and freeing. It allows you to express the best of you and also open you up to being hurt, I know it’s not easy.

We all had the the experience, probably when we were quite young, of expressing who we really are and be ridiculed for it. Maybe it was a sibling or a friend that, even at a young age, saw life differently than you. Or it might have been in a classroom being called down by a teacher for giving an answer that was “true to you”.

Maybe it didn’t come out right, maybe you rambled a little, or they misunderstood what you said, but the damage was done. You now, have begun to believe that what is truly “You” is no longer valid. That when you express what means the most, people don’t want to listen……. but that’s not true.

I was once giving a training to a group of about 15 people. They all had different reactions to what I was sharing. I don’t remember the exact topic but it was something about changing your life and making a difference in the world.

As I sat there in the front of the room, I would swear to you that some people there were not listening to a word I was saying. They appeared to be lost in their own thoughts, not giving a hoot that I was even in the room. They weren’t taking notes, nodding their head or paying attention, so I thought.

What shocked me was that it was those very people who came to me afterwords to let me know how much they connected with what I was saying – they were the ones that could recall the moments and the words in the training that changed their lives.

That experience changed my life as well. It helped me to realize that I don’t always know the impact I’m having on someones life. And that when I keep the focus off myself, and just give, the results ripple out, and it’s not my job to control them.

My job is to contribute, give back, make an impact, leave my mark on life, whatever you might call it, because THAT has always been important to me.

So, what’s important to you?

What is it that you really want to be doing, giving, sharing?

Today, share just a little of who you really are. Not to get approval, or to see if someone outside of you will validate it, but because it is who You Really Are…. and that’s enough.

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