How’s Friday Looking For You? you ever look back at the end of the week and wonder why you didn’t get more done?

Wouldn’t you like to be more effective with your time?

If so, pay attention to this quick journaling tool.

Once we get to the end of the week there’s nothing that can be done in about what we accomplish.

You may set goals for every individual day or have a list of things that we’ve made a priority,

But if you aren’t diligent to stick to your list or haven’t made those steps a habit, chances are some things won’t get done.

So I have an exercise that you can do when planning your week Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.

And it’s what I call backwards journaling.

Take a pen and paper and
imagine you are sitting in your favorite spot late Friday afternoon – start writing down what you’ve done this week that makes you feel so successful.

When you first start this exercise the things that make you feel successful might be a certain number of clients or making a certain amount of money each day or over the course of the week.

I started out that way

But what I discovered, as I continued this exercise week after week – the success steps that came up for me were things like;

  •  Eating better
  •  Exercising
  •  Taking care of myself
  •  Believing for my client’s success
  •  Taking time to do my visualization
  •  Reviewing my goals and missions and what I really wanted – the reason I was really doing this business in the first place

I’m a big believer in journaling and I’ve seen huge changes in my life because I’m able to get clear on what Is really true to me by writing it down.

And I found the same in the backwards journaling.

The more often I do this exercise at the first of the week the more my truth and what’s really important to me comes out in my plan for the week

Once you finish the journaling exercise and tapped into how it feels to have accomplished so much at your end of this at the end of the week…

You’re no longer looking back with regret that things didn’t get done

Instead, you’re sitting there on Friday evening having accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish for the week DOESN’T THAT FEEL GOOD?

It’s not too late to try this for yourself, it’s just Monday morning….

How’s Friday looking for you?

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