What to Do When Ideas Aren’t Flowing

I ran into a roadblock today!

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get my ideas out!

A few minutes earlier the inspiration was flowing (but of course I had nothing close by to capture them!)

But I knew if I got to the notebook soon enough, I could capture these great ideas… Wrong!

Has that ever happened to you!!??

I’ve heard it called writers block, resistance and plain old procrastination, but whatever it is, I was feeling like I was walking in circles for a while.

What a waste of time!

But then I remembered a tool I’ve used to break down the “resistance monster” and get things done.

I broke the tasks down into very small steps.

In this case, I’m working on a feature article on Time Abundance and Goal Achievement.

3000+ words were just stopping me in my tracks, I could not get anything to flow!

But when I broke it down into the 5 main topics, it gave me just 600 words for each topic, but that was STILL TOO MUCH.

So – I easily came up with 6 ideas that fit under the sub-topic and “voilà”, I’m looking at writing only 100 words!

– I’m close to 200 words in this post, right now.

So if you have a project that has been stalling out or you know you are backing off because of fear, procrastination or resistance…

Break it down into tiny tasks then……and just do one of them.

You’ll still get it done, and you just might find that when you start with 100 words (or other small task)

200, 500 and 1000 words will start to flow!

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