Life Lessons


My Dad is a big part of who I am today. A lot of what I learned about business I learned from him.

Not only did I get my Entrepreneurial “gene” from him, I watched the pleasure he got from learning new things and   also consider myself a “lifelong learner”.

Here are a few of the things I remember him sharing with me as I grew up;

The key to succeeding at something is to stay with it long enough to get really good at it.  

Success takes persistence. Building your business for a week or a month will not get the results you want.

Keep at it, get good at what you do (today, I would say, become an expert) and people will hear about you. When you start changing peoples lives and getting results for them, they can’t help but tell others.

Don’t do what I do.

Yep, you heard me right, Dad told me to NOT do what he did.

Actually the quote was closer to “You can do anything you want, but DON’T do what I do”.

A big part of the work he did was physical, which is great for a young body and a strong back, but those don’t last forever.  So even tho’ I did do physical work for a time (I was co-owner of a roofing business for several years and had an outdoor recreation business until 2010) I was always looking for work that involved my head and heart to replace the physical work.

Dad, it seems, has done the same. Now with a published book under his belt and a reputation for knowing his craft, he shares his knowledge as well as runs a supply business for the people now doing the hard work he used to do.

What are your life lessons?

What things are so much a part of you, every day that they drive you to be who you are?

Do you know?

Your Success is Important to me,

*Julia – Results Coach

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