Mental Congestion

Do you ever feel like your head is just TOO FULL?

Like there is so much rattling around up there you don’t know where to start?

Have you ever gotten SUPER CLEAR on what you want and then two days later you DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START??

You may be suffering from….. (drumroll please) mental congestion.

You know, when the ole brain just feels too full, like there is so much rattling around up there you don’t know where to start!

This results in

  •  Overwhelm
  •  Lack of Clarity
  •  Lack of action
  •  Good ideas slow down or come to a stop
  •  You don’t know what to do next

Ever been there??

What to do, what to do………

You know your full of good ideas that you have great things to give and teach but things just won’t FLOW!

If you are feeling like this do something about it today!

You’ve got to offload some of the excess thoughts and stop taking in so much un-needed info.

You’re filling up on other people’s ideas when you need to be LISTENING TO YOUR OWN!

So, what’s the remedy?

#1 – Free flow writing. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down whatever comes to mind.

It might be disjointed and not make much sense or it might be some of the most insightful writing you’ve done in a long time. Either way, WRITE.

You’ve got to get those thoughts out, even if you never look at them again.
Translate all those thoughts bouncing around in your head to words on a page and set them free

#1a – What can you do if the words don’t flow?

Take a walk, get outside, listen to music, dance…….

Refocus your mind for a little while and then start writing again with no agenda, just to put to paper what is filling/congesting your brain.
Let me know how this worked for you


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