It’s Time To Move On

Sometimes the hardest part of moving forward
with your life and business is letting go of all those things we “should” do.
Those half complete projects that still nag at the
back of your mind telling you there is more to do….
but you don’t always know what that thing is!
This is a tremendous waste of mental energy and
can cause distraction, lack of energy towards your goals
and the uneasy feeling that you should (there’s that word again) be doing more.

The thing is, you can’t always pinpoint WHAT needs
to be done because the project WAS a good idea,
but for whatever reason, it fell flat.
There’s no time for blame here, we’ve all done it.
Started something and didn’t finish.
Picked up a good book only to read 2 chapters.
Wrote the outline for your course (or book, or workshop)
and then never fleshed the idea out.
Or, if you’re like me, there are notebooks full of ideas that felt
inspiring at the time but are still just “words to me” on paper.
Don’t let this hold you back!
Instead…. clean them out!
Give yourself a fresh start.
Here’s one way you can do that;
Box them up. Don’t sort, don’t go through them,
don’t try to renew the project, box it up.
You get enough reminders of what’s there
as you place them in the boxes.
Then, put them someplace out of the way,
but where you can see the boxes, at least on occasion.
This could be a closet where you hang your jacket or keep the broom.
It could be at the end of a little-used hall you walk down
and can see the boxes regularly, without them getting in your way.
The point is you want to put them “front and center”
in your field of awareness, but not in a place that says “Do this now!”.
Then, mark your calendar for 3 weeks and at that
point ask
yourself if there is anything in that box that’s
pressing enough to commit your time to RIGHT NOW!
If so, find it (doing your best not to get distracted
but what else is in the box) and close it back up.
Then commit to doing the project you pulled out of the box.
If you ask yourself if there is anything n the box
need and the answer is “no” or you don’t remember.
Don’t open the box!
Then wait another 3 weeks or month (or 3 months)
and see if anything important comes to mind, if not….
It’s time to part ways.
It’s time to gain back the mental energy that it tied to that box of “shoulds”
and give it to what is in your life RIGHT NOW!
Next, I’ll share with you how to let those
go without being pulled into the black hole of
“should of’s” “could of’s” “if only’s” and other
areas of regret guilt and pseudo-commitment.
Until then, it time to get those long forgotten
projects out of the way and clear space physically
and mentally for what’s coming next!
Your success is important to me,

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