When you lose perspective you take your eyes off the road.
When you take your eyes off the road you can quickly lose your way.

Sometimes there is an appearance of lack that things are not showing up or taking too long.

But there is a part of you that is un-distractible, super strong, focused.

Think back to times when you were thrown into something at work, with family or health related issues and think about the ways you were able to rise above the circumstances.

You may have heard the quote “you don’t know what you can really do until the monkey is on your back.”

We used to say this as we’d teach people to take on a new task when we had the roofing company.

Now these were tough, strong guys. And they were doing a job, most people would not begin to do, but there would be times they were afraid to step into a role that was new or one that offered more responsibility.

The truth is, I can’t really explain to you exactly how you will handle the new things that arrive for you as you continue to grow.

You really don’t know what you can really do UNTIL the monkey is on your back.

You’ll see what you’re really made of. Often you find you can do and be more when you are thrown into the situations than you would ever rise up to if you were easing into it yourself.

I was once told that in some cultures the word for human means “the one that keeps forgetting”

Often when we are in the midst of distraction of feel like things aren’t going our way or going fast enough.

We forget

  • How much we already have
  • How far we’ve already come.
  • How much we have to be grateful for
  • We forget our freedoms and the choices we have.

One of the acronyms used for F.E.A.R. is false evidence appearing real.

Losing perspective is similar, the illusion that there is not enough, that we don’t have the time, that someone else can do it better than we can, that we really have not accomplished that much.

It’s lie – it’s not the truth of what our source says or offers.

The truth is we are much more infinite that we ever give ourselves credit for.

We have more available to us than we would ever be able to use.

The supply is infinite and never ending.

Our Source is waiting for us to tap into all the greatness that is available to us – not the other way around.

We turn it around to say we’ve not done enough or don’t deserve all the greatness, sweetness of life and freedom that God has available.

And yet, the fact that we slow the delivery of our blessing is not something to condemn.

It’s human to forget.
Accept your current “truth” and begin to build something new.

Be honest with where you are right now and begin to build something new.

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