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“Julia was one of the best trainers I’ve had… and I’ve
worked with several. She surprised me with: her intuitive
recommendation of targeted training for my staff;
her thorough knowledge of the subject; training
on several important points I had not thought of in the past.

She was prepared, prompt, organized, very clear in her messages,
easy to understand, and likable (and therefore able to hold people’s attention).

Most importantly, her training helped my staff become more effective,
and a few of her mantras are repeated often in our daily jobs.

I would whole-heartedly recommend her for
training and raising you to a new level.”

~ Kathy Dumont
General Manager, Linden Hotel Associates


“I have been working with Julia through biz-tutor for a couple months now.
Her program has made me think out the future of my business,
and pushed me to focus in on what I want my business to be.
She has required me to write it down, and then narrow it down.
Not allowing myself to limit my dreams to my current reality.
I think by me stating it, simplified it, that makes it more attainable.

When you follow Julia’s guidelines, regardless if you understand the why
– it will come together. She doesn’t make you feel
as though you have a right or wrong answer – it’s your dream,
she just wants to help you get it across most effectively.

Any time I needed to talk to her about any questions I had,
or ideas I had, she always took the time to explain or listen –
even when it almost seemed out of her job.
She has taken an active interest in my business and wants me to succeed.
That support is very important when you are trying to find your niche.

I have not completed the program, and look forward to where it will take me.
I would recommend Julia and her program to any business owner 
that needs help in getting focused on developing their business

Thank you Julia, for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. It has been a rewarding experience.”

~ Renee’ Schmidt of ‘Dimples’



You have been there when I needed help. I understood the assignments you gave, they were clear -yet not always easy – and really helped me get off the ground.

The whole process has pushed me to search out my goals and try to nail down where I want my business to go and what I want from my ventures.

I am ready to go further and feel like I am just scratching the tip of the proverbial iceburg.

Your knowledge of business, marketing, and motivation show through in your communications.

You have always been sunny, encouraging, and on task.

Thanks for taking me on as a “project”! “

~ Melissa Goodwin
Roan Creek Weaving and Farm


“I think Julia is an amazing trainer.

I have had the pleasure of listening to her on several occasions.

I have even asked her to come into my training class and explain different scenarios to people, and give them helpful hints.

She has always done a fantastic job at explaining herself thoroughly.

Julia is always in a pleasant mood and is very good at what she does.

I would recommend her to anyone and everyone for help.

If they need it, she gives it.
I have learned a lot from her.”

~ Crystal Brown


“I just participated in a Breakthrough Clarity Call with Julia, and it was great!

I learned alot about where I am, where I want to go, and what’s the is next step for me.  I was super frustrated with getting things done in my business,

and Julia clarified for me that we should be focusing on, what my strengths are, and to get help with the areas I am getting overwhelmed and frustrated with.

I appreciated Julia’s time so much and have taken action on her guidance!

I recommend giving Julia a call today, and let her help  you propel forward to success in your business!”

~ Lynette French-Dumas