A Secret To Getting and Staying Motivated

Are You Your Own Champion? A Secret To Getting and Staying Motivated

I was thinking today that sometimes it would be nice to have a cheerleader.

It’s one of those mornings where it’s gray outside not very motivating.

But things still have to be done.

What do you do when  you have days like this?

After doing this for several years, you would think I would have it all figured out.

But the truth is, you’ll always have days that you don’t seem to get anything done

  • you feel unmotivated
  • something gets in your way
  • or every effort you take feels like you’re walking through sludge

We have our ups and downs.

I know, it’s not what we want to believe.

We we’re told that doing our own thing, finding our calling

and serving the world with what comes from within would make your heart sing!

And I’m sure it does, for the most part.

I love what I do. I would rather be teaching and helping you see the best part of yourself and living that in your business than anything else!

But somedays I feel like I need someone to get me going, to get behind me and lift me up.

And some days, I have to pull myself up and be my own champion.

I HAVE to find a way to keep going even when I feel like I’m going in circles.

I MUST continue to bring myself back to my heart centered path.

I yearn to help you find YOUR TRUE NORTH and so I need to keep reminding me of mine.

How do you become YOUR own Champion?

This morning, I was in a funk.

I had a hard time finding my motivation.

My “why” was buried beneath some worry and frustration.

But I have tools in my toolbelt, so to speak, and I’m not  afraid to use them!

The one I used this morning is to change my physical state.

To change the way I’m physically positioned or moving in order to change my mindset.

So what got me out of my funk and back to a productive day??

I danced!

Actually, I jumped around a bit and waved my arms – feeling totally silly, I broke out laughing.

This sends a flood of “feel good” chemicals through your body which in turn changes what’s going on in your brain and you can’t help but feel better!

Try it for yourself.

Try moping around and happy/silly dancing at the same time, (I bet you can’t do it)!

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