Taking Full Responsibility

Have you ever heard…

“If what you are currently doing would bring you what you want, you would already see it in your life.”

To expand on taking 100% responsibility, here are two examples of questions to determine if you are Taking Full Responsibility and
words thoughts and phrases you might be using if you’re taking less than full responsibility

Which sounds more like you?

Please note: This is not an exercise in blame.
It’s an exercise in AWARENESS.

You can’t change what you’re not aware of.

Take 100% Responsibility

Words you might be using if you are taking less than 100% Responsibility

  •  The weather was bad
  •  My boss is a jerk
  •  I don’t have enough money
  •  The government and their decisions are deciding my life
  •  Placing blame on being around the wrong friends
  •  The economy is down
  •  I was too tired
  •  I am too busy
  •  I’m just not strong enough
  •  I wouldn’t have done that if it weren’t for ______
  • If I only had _____, things would have been different.
  •  It’s because of where I live or who I live with.……. Add your own excuses.

It’s not that these conditions don’t exist, but you can’t let them be the deciding factor in where your life goes.

Do you ever find that you;

  •  Waste time on trivial things that don’t make much difference in the long run.
  •  Spend our precious time talking about things that bring us down.
  •  Eat unhealthy foods instead of foods that energize and nourish.
  •  Lack exercise.
  •  Spend more money than you make.
  •  Fail to invest in making a better future for yourself.
  •  Avoid the tough conversations.
  •  Sweep conflict under the rug
  •  Don’t ask for what you want.


Most of your life runs on autopilot, we simply are not aware of most of what goes on in our head.

To become more aware, you can ask yourself questions, that bring awareness.

This is not always easy but empowering questions bring you closer to the result you want and stimulate thinking that is results oriented rather than excuse oriented.


  • What am I doing in my life that’s not working? Not bringing the result I want?
  •  Along the same line – what have I tried that I think should be working, but isn’t? what could I do differently to get a better result?
  •  What IS WORKING? What do I need to do more of?
  •  What is clearly NOT working and something I should do less of?
  •  How could I have contributed to this unwanted thing in my life through? And, in being aware of it, what can I do about it?

When you openly and honestly ask these questions of yourself you will most likely begin to see answers right away.

Then you can start reframing excuses and blame into phrases that bring you closer to what you want and who you really want to be.

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