The Courageous Introvert

If you’re scared, you’re not alone.

Fear is a natural part of doing something you’ve never done before.
It’s our biology telling us to “hold up” “proceed with caution”!

“We’ve never seen this before and it could mean death!”

But when is the last time sending an email or posting your offer caused you any harm?

Your mind might have told you an awful story about how someone might leave a bad comment or not open your email.

And then we become hyper-aware of the little things that don’t matter, in the long run, like why a specific person didn’t comment or open your email.
(Maybe it’s because they didn’t see it!)

All this focus on the worry and the doubt is perfectly human!
So don’t let anyone make you feel bad.

Truth is, it’s like there are two people inside us.
ONE that gets IDEAS and ONE that GETS THINGS DONE.

We have both, but we often give the ideas more energy, they aren’t as scary.

But to have a business, we also have to get things done

That’s why accountability is SO important.

I call it “The Game Changer”.
It’s the thing that will take what you are doing in a new direction.
One that goes from spinning your wheels to actually GETTING THINGS DONE!

What would you like to accomplish in the next few weeks?

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