The Next Step to Grow Your Business



When’s the last time you planned a vacation?
Did you pour over the travel information and
spend time looking at what you might want to do,

what would be a group activity or something just for the kids?

How about part of the trip that’s “adults only”.

Well if you’ve ever done the fun planning of your vacation, then
you know all the steps needed to plan what needs to be done

next in your business.

Just like planning 2 weeks away from home and everything

that needs to be done while you’re gone as well as what you’re
going to enjoy on your trip,

you can plan out what needs to be done in your business by reverse engineering.

The first step is to write down the overall plan for your year.

Where do you want to be this time next year?

How big is that goal?

Now break it down into Monthly “chunks”.

Let’s say you want 12 new accounts by this time next year,

what do you need to get there each month?

Broken down, you need 1 new account a month.

So, how many people do you need to reach out to, follow-up with
meet with or put your promotion in front of to get
1 new account in a month?

Once you’ve figured what it takes for the month,
break it down to the week.

What has to be done every week in order to get to your monthly goal?

How many times a week do those things need to be done?

This brings you to the daily tasks that you need to do.

Monday you might need to be on the phone.

Tuesday is paperwork and promotion.

Wednesday you do your face to face work, etc.

Or your schedule might be mornings you write and plan-
afternoons are for phone calls and meeting.

The point is, you know what you need to do in your business
and when you break it down into monthly then weekly and daily “chunks”
it not only feels more doable, you’ll continue to make steady progress towards your goals

and before you know it, you’ve got your 12 new accounts!

One thing I want to mention is that when you break down your goals
into smaller bite sized chunks, although it can be less overwhelming
it can feel like it will all take too long!

After all, a year is so far away
and we all want things NOW (don’t we?).But, time is going by whether you plan it or not.
I challenge you to set your goals and plan your year with the
intention that next year will be better than this one that every year will be better than the last and,
before you know it, you’re already there!

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