Two Sides of the Entrepreneur

The way I see it the entrepreneur basically has two minds.

Two sides, so to speak – you have one side that does the thinking and the planning and dreaming and then you have a side that does the work.

That’s the side that takes the action that takes the steps that need to be taken.

And one thing that I see is people are often heavy on the one or the other.

You either like the planning, dreaming and getting everything ready and don’t like the action taking.

Or your are the worker know how to take the steps.

You take action and move forward, work through your plan.

But don’t take time to dream and plan.


If you’re heavy on one side or the other then you tend to get this roller coaster effect.

Where things are really good for a while and then they drop off.

Then everything is clicking together and then it slows down again.


So one thing that is really important is to be willing to take that action.


Of course if you’re not willing to take action then you won’t get any results.


But I also find that the dreaming and planning stage is often overlooked.


You need to build into your day those times where you’re scheduling things in – to get the work.

Also, time where you’re being the visionary to see where your business is going and making sure you’re on the right path.


Time to reflect on what got done and what didn’t get finished so that you can reevaluate and change and adjust.

Take the time to know where your business is going as well as getting the job done ( by you or someone else).


If you’re coming from a regular job you know how to do the work.

What you don’t see is what’s behind the scenes.


All that work you did to build someone else’s dream was first dreamt up by someone.

Now, it’s all YOU and this requires both planning and dreaming PLUS scheduling things out and executing your plan.


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