Waiting to Arrive……

You are enough NOW Take that first step
Have you ever felt like you need to know one more thing or get one more piece in place before you’ll be “ready”?

Do you ever wish for some kind of sign that you have it all together, that you are fully prepared to take what you offer to the world?

You know it can help, you know it can change someone’s life… but how do you know you’re set?

The thing with this thinking is that as someone who’s bringing something to the world that comes from within you you never really arrive.

You’re always growing and so what is coming forth will be a part of that growth.

So you wait….. and still, things don’t come together …. you don’t feel you have arrived so to speak so you never begin.

Now I know this feeling and you’re not the only one who is ever felt like you don’t have everything you need to start.

But what I want you to begin to understand is that – this does not go away.

This feeling of always needing the next clue that will lead to your arrival -never really getting to your destination – and always having more bubbling up, it doesn’t end.

And the reason it’s always there is because you are continually in the growth process.

So you always have new ideas, you’re tapping into your inspiration, you’re going inside and exploring things that mean something to you – something that you can bring to the world.

You want to change the world and make a difference.

So rather than having to feel like you must “arrive” before you can begin, make now the time to start.

Right now you have enough – you are enough – you know enough and people need you.

I understand that it’s a concept that’s easier to say than to do. I’m not saying it’s easy.

And if you’re then telling yourself that you have to wait that you still need to know more – that there’s things that you have to get ready before you begin, then you might need to just jump in and do the next smallest steps towards your dream.

This begins to break the cycle of waiting to arrive.

You are enough now to take that first step.

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