Welcome to Wednesday

If you’ve been following along this week then I hope you’re looking forward to Friday as more than just the end of the work week.

Weekends for many are “down time” when you can step away from your regular work.

But what if, instead, Friday’s were the fuel for you to keep going to reach your dream?

One of my programs “The Weekend fix” shows you how to use the time you have to start building a life you love….
Even if it’s only on the weekend.

(If you want a copy, let me know, I’ll send it your way.)

One¬†thing I’ve found that helps me keep going when I’m tired and dealing with distractions is that I have a deeply tuned “why”.

  • I know why I get up early each day to write and give myself time to make me, better.
  • I know why I make time for my accountability calls and get honest with where I am falling short.
  • I know why I’m open to constructive criticism and am humble enough to consider wise advice.

Because what I want to do is bigger than ME.

Sometimes the vision I feel called to is on a bigger stage than I ever imagined being on.
It motivates and inspires me EVERY DAY to keep going through Friday

If you did not see the original post showing you how you can set up your week so that every Friday can be your own personal success celebration, you can see that, here;

So I encourage you to keep going.
I implore you to not give up.
I beg you to make your gifts available because there are people who need you.

People who you will inspire and serve.

Here’s to celebrating your wins, Friday and every day.

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