What Most Frustrates You?

I found myself complaining today.

I’ve gone through quite an evolution in the past 6 years.

Finding my passion, changing direction and (for a short time) going in and out of corporate.

For the majority of my working life I owned or co-owned a business.

Working for myself was a roller coaster ride.

I had to find ways to make it work – I didn’t have a job to fall back on.

I will never say it was easy.

Thinking back to the early years, I tried so many different types of marketing.

Every one I reached out to had a different tactics.

This was before the internet, so my options were


  • One person had success with coupons, so I tried that.
  • One person had success with magazine ads, so I tried that.
  • One person had success with radio, so I tried that.
  • One person had success with flyers, so I tried that.

I finally landed on direct mailings.

These had the biggest return for me and the business.

Writing to both individuals and businesses to encourage them to do business with us got me to get clear on my message.

I’d also get on the phone with some of them to “close the deal” so to speak.

We had an outdoor recreation business at the time, so companies that held retreats and church youth groups were our biggest clients.

The business started out slow, but we doubled revenue 4 times over the 25 years we owned it.

I rarely had time to complain once things got busy!


I think it’s just human nature to look around, see what we don’t have and complain.

We have to be reminded to do our gratitude practice and make it a habit to replace our grumbling with positive thinking.

It’s ok, we all get frustrated.

Sometimes I think the frustration is a way we become aware of things that need to change.

Things you might be ignoring because it seems more difficult to do something about it than to put up with it.

Do you ever wonder why or how you ended up where you are?

I can wax philosophical and say it’s all simply a result of the choices you’ve made – but that would not explain it entirely.

Yes, I KNOW I made the decisions or was part of the decision to;

  • Get married, or not
  • Have kids, or not
  • Move across the state (or country), or not
  • Go to a job every day, or not

But how much of this feels more like random “stuff” you had to decide on at the time than an intentionally designed life????

And it’s that feeling, that gap between the life you thought you wanted, the one you designed in your head and the one you’re actually living.

How closely are they aligned?

How often do you feel you are just bouncing off the latest even in life and trying to make the best of it?

I felt like that for a LONG time! Much longer than I cared to admit.

Frustrated, angry, lost and alone.

Looking everywhere for answers and getting more and more confused.

Does this sound like you?

Sometimes it’s hard to admit that there are things in your life that frustrate you.
After all, you have a great deal to be thankful for, right??

I would feel so guilty when I’d complain because I had so much compared to a lot of people.

But that frustration is a notification – a way for your life to get your attention and tell you…


You are much, much more than what you do and where you are, right now.

So I want to ask you, be honest with yourself for a moment.

What in your life frustrates you most?

If there were on thing that you could become, one thing that you could do or one thing that you could have that is not in your life now, what would that be?

  • You’ve lived a good life
  • You’ve done a lot for others
  • You’ve put off things that you’ve longed for
  • You’ve sacrificed what you could have been so that they can blossom into what they wanted to be
  • You’ve given your kids, your family, your job the best you had to offer

And you don’t have to sacrifice all the good you have done to begin to do things for yourself.

You don’t need to take a wrecking ball to your relationships, your health or your sanity.

Having one does not mean you need to eliminate the other.

It’s your time to shine! 

And the things that frustrate you right now just might be THE key to what you really long for but are afraid to go after.


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