What Really Motivates YOU?

Use what motivates YOU to change your life!Have you ever taken a course or learned something new that really inspired you but then never did any thing with it?

Or how about getting all hyped up over the latest and greatest thing to do or buy in your business.

How many unopened or partly used business building products do you have on your desk or hard-drive?

If your answer is “many”, then you’re not alone.

I once heard that less than 2% of attendees at seminars actually implement what they’ve learned.

In fact, that statistic was quoted to me after I asked a question at a presentation.

The speaker at the seminar was reluctant to share the information, it was, after all, something he had previously only shared with his paying clients.  

But his response, after a second or two was, I’ll go ahead and tell you, because less than 2% of you will use it anyway.

Well I’m not sure how many people in the room used the information, but I did! And it made a big difference in my business at the time.

Now the fact that I took the information and ran with it to see how I could make it work for me isn’t because I’m special or have some extraordinary level of focus.

My secret is, that I know what motivates me. I know how to “push my own buttons” and get myself to take action when I’m not excited to move ahead or what’s in front of me is causing me to face one of my fears.


The good news is, you can do this too!


Here is the method I use;

First, I look at what I want to do in my life a little differently that most people teach.

I truly believe that the work I do has the ability to change someone’s life.

It might only be one life, but that one life can be changed by working with me, by allowing me inside their business and helping them go where they want to go, I truly believe, I can, as my slogan says help them truly “Design an income around a life they love to live!”


Because of this, very little of what I do is for myself. I am always motivated to be of service to others.

I’ve never been very motivated to be in service to myself


Now, this is what pushes my buttons, it might not be what pushes yours.

So how do you find that deep secret that will motivate you to get up off your duff and take action towards what you want despite the obstacles?

I’m so glad you asked!
Here are a few questions to ask yourself to find out what truly motivates you. You might be surprised at the answers you find.
If you had 90 days to do anything you wanted, what would that be? Why?

What issues or causes in your life do you take a stand for? Why?

If money is a motivation for you, what would you do with “more than enough”? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you help,? Who would you be there for? Why?

Have you thought about what you want to leave behind? What you want to be remembered for?
These are questions most people will never ask themselves, or if they do ask them, they write down the answers and never look at them again.
You’ve probably, long ago, buried the thing that truly motivates you. You left it somewhere so that you could go on with “real life”. Or someone told you it was a pipe dream you could never achieve.
Well, I’m here to tell you that if you’ll wake those dreams up and remind yourself of them daily, it won’t be very long until you’ll have the motivation you need to accomplish anything you want!.

Your Success is Important to me,

*Julia – Results Coach



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