Who Are You?

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Who do you want to be in your business?

I’m not talking about a business plan, what you want
to teach people or the method you use to work with them.

I want you to tell yourself who you really want to BE

Do you want to be a high paid trainer
that everyone looks up to?

Or the go to person in your niche that
sets the bar for everyone else to reach for?

What about the coach that has a waiting list of
clients because there are so many people who have been helped by you?

What do you envision as the highest level in your business?
(I want you to dream a minute…………..)

Does that feel good? Can you see yourself there? Great!

Now I need you to be honest with yourself;
Are you doing what you need to to BE that person?

Do your actions support what you want to be, even in the smallest ways?

For example, when I wanted to move from offline business
mentoring programs to being an online business coach,

I found a way to be that coach in all aspects of my life.

My mantra for weeks in a row was “Answer like a coach”.

It didn’t matter if I was talking to a friend, the kids,
my mother or a client, I answered like a coach.

I used the tools I had learned in as many situations as I could
so that I could integrate into my being, what I wanted to be as a coach.

And in doing that I became the coach I wanted to be.

Before I started this practice, I had the credentials, the certificates,
the training, but in deciding what I would become and
acting accordingly, I became that version of myself.

And I’d love to help you do it for yourself.

Here are the steps you need to get started;

1) Spend time daily envisioning who you want to be in as much detail as you can muster.0
2) Write your vision down and carry it with you to remind yourself when you need to.
3) Act like you already are that person.

Let’s take this out of the coaching world and say you

want to be a gourmet chef or a party planner.

It doesn’t matter what you want to be, what you want your

life to be like, the quickest way to get there is to act as if

you already are that version of yourself.

So, if you want to become a gourmet chef, every meal you

prepare has a touch of elegance to it.

Becoming a Party Planner? Find ways to celebrate the

small things with those around you.

Don’t wait – live your life becoming what you want to be, now.

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