How would I explain “You Are Enough?

‘I was born in the late 60’s and grew up with books like “I’m OK You’re OK”.
I also happened to rent part of a house from a couple steeped in EST training.
Because of this, I thought a lot about how people (myself and others) talk to themselves.
How some of our deeply held beliefs are in complete contradiction to what is commonly held as a universal truth.
And as I grew in my enough-ness I experienced what former EST trainer S. Emery is credited with saying 
“The truth may set you free but it will piss you off first.”
It’s sometimes much easier to believe that we are not enough that we’ve missed the mark that we’re one thing short of what we really need to be.
Because of this, to say I am enough can feel ego driven, like I am saying I am perfect.
And while there is a level of perfection in us all I do believe, perfect in the way that we commonly define it as being without flaw, or as having arrived, is not a good definition of being enough.
Being enough means you grow if you need to grow you shine when you need to shine you rest when you need to rest.
There’s nothing you have to prove… because you are enough.
But in the same vein of thought it’s not about changing yourself into someone else’s standard.
It’s about becoming more and more and more of yourself.
To me the true essence of you are enough is being willing to reveal who you really are.
  • To be authentic.
  • To love who you are at this moment, flaws and all.
  • To show up everyday with all your imperfections
So the quote you see above might be confusing it says;
“You are enough – You can become more – Raise your standards and find a way”.
I say that because I believe we are all destined for more – if we will allow it. 
Yes! You are enough right now as you are and where you stand.
And you can become more – you can become the person you always knew you could be.
The process to get there is to raise your standards.
To decide that, warts-and-all you are going to become the greatest version of yourself.
Knowing that in that becoming you are enough now that life is a process.
And in that process of becoming the how shows up along the way.
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